Authentic Cultural Competence represents a uniquely effective approach to enhance the cultural competence of your staff, organization, or profession. Our approach to diversity training reflects the newest scholarship highlighting the importance of one’s own cultural framework in determining the power of your professional connections and rapport.


Through each of our services, professionals will be able to determine why some connections are easier to make than others, what part they are playing in unsuccessful connections, and what they can do to deepen existing relationships and broaden the populations they can effectively work with.

What Makes Us Different

Authentic Cultural Competence focuses on the professional and personal values and experiences that directly impact what we see, what we don’t see, and how we make sense of the person sitting across from us. Our consultation services, training seminars, and professional development workshops are all built on this philosophy. Read More


Consultation Services help agencies pinpoint what it will take for your staff to better demonstrate your goal of culturally competent practice, from the inside out. We work will with you to set, and then communicate these goals to your staff, then assess what changes are required for your staff to actualize those goals.

Training Seminars can be tailored to your agency’s specific working needs, so your staff can develop a more self-sustaining practice of culturally competent work.

Professional development workshops reveal the cultural lenses, values, biases, and worldviews, and show how these perspectives impact the work.

Enhance your organization's functioning with a cultural competency or diversity training seminar, presentation or workshop—contact us for additional information.


Dr. Bridget Rivera